1. There are rumors that AIMMAA was recently dissolved and a new private company has been registered in its place, is this true ?Does this mean that AIMMAA will no more function as a governing and sanctioning body for Mixed Martial Arts in India ? is AIMMAA no more representing IMMAF in India ? Did IMMAF suspend AIMMAA on the grounds that AIMMAA was dissolved as a trust ?
    Answer :There is a major flaw in your questions.

    1] AIMMAA is currently an active democratic non-profit organisation which is registered and governed by the related laws of India b] AIMMAA, Its founder board, Its national working committee or its physical registration is NOT ‘dissolved’ and is active as an association. AGM’s, financial audits, yearly tax return submissions all followed.

    Ever since the formation of AIMMAA in 2004 we have strived to pursue recognitions and certifications from different government entities within the laws of India, these help us cover the entire mixed martial arts spectrum within our country. We began our registration process in 2004 Through the Joint charity commissioners office with registration certificates as per the Societies Registration Act 1860 and The Bombay Public Trusts Act 1950, then we received permissions from the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports from 2012 till 2018 and the Sports Authority of India in 2013, This year we have completed another registration under the theGovt of India, Ministry of Corporate affairs. These registrations help further to define and separate AIMMAA governance with amateur and pro mma in India. Reference :http://www.mca.gov.in/MinistryV2/societiesregistrationact.html Again this is categorised as a non profit and not a profitable business. The purpose of this additional certificate of registration was to expand our area of governance and separate the functioning of amateur and pro. The latter being formed specifically for Pro MMA in India. The founder board of directors of AIMMAA have no objection to the formation of the Pro MMA entity under the same name.

    An excerpt from a statement issued by our legal team is listed at the end of this page and we have also featured excerpts of documents and highlighted key words which clarify the obvious and prove that the IMMAF criteria being grounds that we did not qualify as members was a folly on their part.

    Reason : amateur mma has different rules as compared to pro mma, there is a clear difference in amateur and pro referee and judge work, even the rounds and times are different. AIMMAA took a decision to separate the two entities with two separate teams to be trained and certified this year.

    These rumorsthat we have registered a private company while dissolving the AIMMAA non profit organization is a major misinformation spread by people who have wanted to divide our organization.

    All our efforts and actions being conducted are carefully reviewed by our team of attorneys and chartered accountants and are in compliance with the laws of India.

    AIMMAA was originally registered as AIKC [ All India Kickboxing Council ] and subsequently a name change application was approved to All India Mixed Martial Arts Association. Our trust certificates show the original name as well as the changed name. The PAN number also reflects the changed name.

  2. Why did AIMMA lose its the recognition from IMMAF for India?
    Answer : In short and to be technically correct IMMAF recognized another organization in India due to their ignorance of the laws of India and because they heeded to the misinformed allegations of greedy people who felt that getting IMMAF recognition meant earning millions or maybe billions of dollars in a year. We are truly baffled as to how a ‘world body’ like IMMAF would take such drastic steps against a national federation which has worked exclusively with them for the last 4 years in India without any proper inquiry or gathering of facts.

    AIMMAA has been going back and forth with IMMAF regarding many matters for the last few years. Certain elements have taken upon themselves the full time responsibility of trying to research information which they can try to use against us. Such elements have been sending anonymous emails and now personal communication with IMMAF providing such false information.

    Ever since IMMAF completed a formal merger with WAMMAA, Our founder board was not in favor of this merger and although we have continued to support IMMAF with our loyalties they wanted us to consider a merger with the WAMMAA representatives in India. We as an organization feel that we have worked tirelessly for the last 14 years in India towards the development of the sport and as the exclusive members of IMMAF for the last 4 years in India and we felt it was unjust towards our team to consider this merger in India. Most importantly when IMMAF informed us in 2016 about this proposed merger with WAMMAA we voiced our opinion that we would have issues with this merger. It is reported that IMMAF’s Kerrith Brown personally told Daniel Isaac and Alan Fenandes that this merger was only at the International level and that it would not affect our working in India. Because of this assurance we continued our relationship with IMMAF without questioning their merger decision.

    Furthermore on multiple occasions we have noted certain inconsistencies in our relationship with IMMAF since we considered that our exclusive relationship was being breached and compromised. We would not like to go into these details here, however we have voiced this to IMMAF on multiple occasions in person and through formal emails.

    On 20th of June 2018, An email was sent from Daniel Isaac to all the national delegates confirming his resignation as National commissioner and the appointment of a new national commissioner and committee, this being a sensitive document only for core delegates was shared by one of these delegates with IMMAF, the letter contained information that Sport MMA was being separated from AIMMAA and forming a separate entity. During our communication with IMMAF they quoted communication from these letters which shows a clear breach of confidential emails that IMMAF entertained from our members in India.

    During the selection process of indian athletes for the IMMAF world championships all athletes were informed in advance they they would be required to pay registration fees beyond what was required for them to pay to IMMAF via mynextmatch[ their portal for athletes to register], they were informed that these registration fees included and covered flights, local travel, camp training, payments to administrative and legal staff deputed for the national team, all athletes read, consulted with their gyms / parents and signed these legal documents before making payments. Without having knowledge about this process these elements have sent complaints to IMMAF that AIMMAA has taken unscrupulous amounts of money from the national team members. When IMMAF asked us about these allegations we asked them for proof of these allegations and persons since we cannot address anything that is anonymous and baseless but IMMAF did not provide us with information about these sources.

    Lastly these elements provided false information to IMMAF that AIMMAA was dissolved as a trust and IMMAF rather than investigating into the facts chose to proceed with recognition of another group in India. We have not received any official letter from IMMAF stating that they have cancelled our membership or that we have been ‘suspended’. Until Sept 21st, 2018 The IMMAF website still shows AIMMAA as its recognized federation for India[ screenshot attached]

  3. Why were the state bodies not notified about the IMMAF recognition loss and the company formation?

    We were still in the process of back and forth emails with IMMAF when someone leaked out sensitive documents exchanged between us and IMMAF on social media and whatsapp to our state delegates. Certain prominent AIMMAA members whom we suspect of being the ‘anonymous’ sources the Indian MMA media and IMMAF led this military style coup against AIMMAA and spread this false information that we were suspended from IMMAF due to some irregularities on our part.

    By the time we reached out to our members this damage was already done. As soon as we were able to connect with our members we have informed them that IMMAF sent us a letter that they have recognized another organization in India. We have screenshot evidences from Whatsapp communications that these letters were leaked out before we were formally informed by IMMAF.

  4. There were claims that AIMMAA did not have any democratic process to select board members or working committee members. What is your response to this ? ?

    These are false allegations. AIMMAA has its democratic voting process as per the norms of the organization and in compliance with our governing bodies in India. We hold separate elections for the management committee and the working committee as per our memorandum and organization policies.

  5. Why was AIMMAA delegates restricted from talking directly to the media, other organization and sponsors ? ?

    AIMMAA as per its policies has made it a regulation that members are not allowed to address the media directly unless they have been deputed and authorized to do so, for all media and sponsor communication we have authorized spokespersons and media teams.

  6. Were the recently held 2018 AIMMAA nationals organised by AIMMAA as a private company or trust association ? ?

    Again we hope that this is addressed with our answers from above. The 2018 nationals were held under the amateur governing body. The AIMMAA Pro body is not yet operational and we will consider its operations in the near future. It was reported to us that many ex-AIMMAA delegates made personal calls to athletes and officials to back out from the 2018 AIMMAA Nationals so as to cause chaos at the event.

    Official statement regarding additional registration under ministry of corporate affairs :
    AIMMAA is a company formed under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013 with an object to apply its all capital and surplus generated out of its activities to promote Mixed Martial Arts and allied arts in India and abroad.

    According to Section 8 of Companies Act, 2013, the said company,
    a) has in its objects the promotion of commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, protection of environment or any such other object;
    (b) intends to apply its profits, if any, or other income in promoting its objects;
    (c) intends to prohibit the payment of any dividend to its members,

    The relevant extract of Section 8 and Memorandum of Association is attached for your kind perusal.

    Accordingly, AIMMAA is not a private company having business nature. its purely a company to promote MMA. No Profits or properties can be used by its members for their purposes by its members. Hence it is technically called a NON-PROFIT ORGANISATION.

    Non-Profit term is used for its members or promoters. Promoters shall not enjoy any profits out Company Activities. All suplusinocme or expenditure will be accumulted in the Balance sheet and will not be available for distribution to promoters or caretakers of the organisation.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this news article by the AIMMAA media team are in response to media questions sent to us via email. We have taken the effort to make clarifications regarding false rumors being circulated by certain elements.